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Bangla music festival kicks off in Kolkata


Bangla music festival kicks off in Kolkata

(L-R) Ravi Mathur, Kalyani Kazi, Vidushi Girija Devi, Hasanul Haq Inu and Abul Khair at the inauguration. Shama Rahman performs at the event. Photo Courtesy: Bhaskar Mukherjee

To uphold the opulent heritage and diversity of Bangla music, Bengal Foundation and India’s ITC-Sangeet Research Academy is holding a nine daylong Bangla music festival, titled “E Kon Maya-e: Bangla Gaaner Utsab Kolkata 2013”, at the ITC-SRA ground in Tollygunge, Kolkata.

The festival — dedicated to the National Poet of Bangladesh, Kazi Nazrul Islam — opened on February 8 by Information Minister of Bangladesh, Hasanul Haq Inu. Kalyani Kazi, daughter-in-law of Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Ravi Mathur, executive director of ITC-SRA, were also present the inaugural ceremony as special guests. Classical music maestro Vidushi Girija Devi also attended the inaugural function.

Director general of Bengal Foundation, Luva Nahid Chowdhury, welcomed all at the festival, outlining the details. She also emceed the inaugural event. Chairman of Bengal Foundation, Abul Khair, thanked all associated with the grand music festival in Kolkata.

The inaugural day’s programme — dedicated to the memory of the recently-deceased Nazrul Sangeet exponent and guru Sohrab Hossain — featured noted Bangladeshi artistes Yakub Ali Khan, Shama Rahman, Khairul Anam Shakil and Indian artiste Jayati Chakrabarty rendering songs of Pancha-Kobi (Tagore, Nazrul, DL Roy, Atulprasad and Rajanikanta).

Yakub Ali Khan set off the event with rendering the Nazrul Sangeet “Ganga Sindhu Narmada”. The artiste’s repertoire included “Ogo Tari Torey Mon Kandey Haye”, “Hey Priyo Tomar Amar Majhey Biroher Parabar”, “Kon Shey Shudur Ashok Kanoney”, “Ami Jadi Arab Hotam”, “Ami Jedin Roibo Na” and more.

Noted Nazrul Sangeet artiste and Chhayanaut’s General Secretary,

Khairul Anam Shakil, moved the audience with his performance of “Nohey Nohey Priyo”. His renditions of Shyama Sangeet — “Shyama Naam-er Laglo Agun”, based on Raga Shudh Kalyan, and “Mago Chinmoyi Roop Dhorey Aaye”, set on Raga Bageshree — had an outstanding appeal. Shakil’s presentation of the Bhatiali styled “Padmar Dheu Rey” made the audience sway with its folk rhythm.

Renowned Tagore singer Shama Rahman was next. The artiste opened with the song “Jodi Prem Diley Na Pran-e”, followed by a bhanga gaan “Kaar Milon Chao Birohi”. Mingling her musical self with the soul of songs, she effortlessly charmed the audience with “Bhalobeshey Shakhi”, “Je Chhilo Amar Swapancharini” and “Shokatorey Oi Kandichhey Shokoli”. Shama Rahman’s performance of a kabya geeti “Krishnakoli Ami Tarey Boli”, the baul styled “Tomar Khola Hawa”, and the patriotic song “Jodi Tor Daak Shuney Keu Na Ashey” went down well with the audience.

Jayati Chakrabarty was the last performer of the evening. The artiste started off with “Ogo Dukho Jagania”. Her renditions of the songs “Sukhoheen Nishidin”, “Shokhi Bhabna Kaharey Boley”, and “Amar Poran Jaha Chaye” were beautifully balanced. The singer’s performance of the baitalik number “Tumi Ki Keboli Chhobi” was embellished with the experimental playing of guitar by Subrata. Jayati wrapped up her part with an Atulprasad song “Pagla Monterey Tui Bol”.

Bangladeshi elocutionist Dr. Mahbubur Rhaman recited several poems at the festival, including “Bidrohi” and “Ami Kingbodontir Kotha Bolchhi”, written by Kazi Nazrul Islam and Abu Zafar Obaidullah respectively.

Today’s set of performances have been themed as ‘Jibonmukhi Gaan’, and will feature presentations by Arnob, Krishnakali, Arko, Gourab and Nobonita. The albums to be released today are: “Bujhcho” by the project Prayer Hall, solo album “Hok Kolorob” and Rabindra Sangeet album “Adhek Ghume” by Arnob, solo albums “Bunophul” and “Surje Badhi Basha” by Krishnakali and “Paar Koro” by Gourab.

Krishnakali Islam told The Daily Star that she was extremely nervous to be singing at the same stage as such prolific musicians, but said she will be herself, expressing hopes that the Kolkata audiences receive their music well.

Prothom Alo and The Daily Star are partners of the festival. Maasranga Television is the broadcast partner and Charbela Chardik, Kali O Kalam and Bengal Barota are media partners of the festival.

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Shama's performance : Celebrating Tagore's 150th Anniversary at Bengal Gallery, Dhaka, 20th May 2011 (Contd.)

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Shama's performance : Celebrating Tagore's 150th Anniversary at Bengal Gallery, Dhaka, 20th May 2011 (Contd.)

Shama’s performance : Celebrating Tagore’s 150th Anniversary at Bengal Gallery, Dhaka, 20th May 2011 (Concluded)

Shama’s performance : Celebrating Tagore’s 150th Anniversary at Bengal Gallery, Dhaka, 20th May 2011 (Contd.)