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Global Launch of Audio Albums

Global Launch of nine Audio Albums by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris on 13th September 2011


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Launch of Nine CDs entitled “Celebrating Tagore”

A 9 CD set was released as part of a larger program of the international community . They were released in UNESCO Paris on 13th Sept 2011, and in India Habitat center New Delhi on 6th January, 2012. The pictures of the covers are given below

It includes a 4 CD set celebrating 100 Years of “Geetanjali” and a 5 CD set entitled “Celebrating Tagore“.

You can check each individual CD and listen to the songs by clicking on the Album names below

Geetanjali (4 CD set)
Celebrating Tagore (5 CD set)
Geetanjali –1 “Swadesh” (Patriotic)
Geetanjali –2 “Prem” (Love)
Geetanjali –3 “Puja/Geetanjali” (Devotional)
Geetanjali –4 Prakriti” (Nature)
“Bichitra” (Diverse)

Concert at UNESCO, Paris on 12th September 2011

Concert at the United Nations, Educational and Cultural Organization, Paris on 12th September 2011, as part of the United Nations’ functions┬áto Celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.